With over 20 years of construction experience, Stronghold NWA was born out of a desire to build thoughtful and well-crafted architecture. Founded in 2007 by Curt Richardson and Todd Hoofman, Stronghold NWA has a broad base of experience in both residential and commercial construction environments. We believe in being intensely involved throughout the construction process and work with great craftsmen to facilitate control of quality, budget and schedule.

At Stronghold NWA, we have extensive backgrounds in construction, enhanced by education in architecture, art and business. Our true passion lies in building great architecture. To accomplish this, we constantly ask ourselves; “How can we do this better?” This has led us to pursue a wide variety of opportunities, each with their own set of challenges; and tackling these challenges is what drives us. Our personal experience as craftsmen includes all types of carpentry from framing, fine furniture, and cabinetry. We also have extensive professional experience in concrete and masonry from fine stonework to commercial masonry.